[patch] configure --enable-developer and non-gcc

James E. Flemer jflemer at uvm.edu
Wed Jan 7 02:34:41 GMT 2004

James Flemer wrote:
> The attched patch makes a few changes to the Samba configure script.
> It changes the AC_PROG_CC_FLAG macro to handle a wider range of flags,
> mainly flags with dashes (-) in them.  It then uses this improved
> macro to make the --enable-developer option check that the flags it wants
> to add are accepted by the compiler (since not everyone uses gcc).
> The --enable-developer checks were moved after AC_PROG_CC so that
> the -g flag does not have to be checked twice.

Perhaps this patch was a bit premature.  There are still some bugs, like 
some compilers build executable code w/ "-gstabs" but is treating it 
like "-g -s -t ..." which is not what is desired.  Hopefully, this can 
fixed by using -g if it works (tested by AC_PROG_CC) and -gstabs if gcc 
is detected (also by AC_PROG_CC).  I think testing -Wall and friends 
will work, and hopefully no compilers will treat them as "-W -a -l ...". 
  Expect an improved patch in the next few days.


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