[patch] PostgreSQL pdb backend

Jelmer Vernooij jelmer at vernstok.nl
Sun Jan 4 21:14:13 GMT 2004

Hi Hamish,

Hamish Friedlander wrote:

> Here is a PostgreSQL passdb backend I wrote for Samba 3. It's based 
> pretty heavily on the MySQL backend, and
> has only seen light testing. I couldn't find any specific 
> documentation on the passdb api, so I just did what the
> MySQL backend did whenever I wasn't sure. The only difference is that 
> a search for users is case insensitive
> (without which I couldn't get Windows 98 clients to log on).

It's been awhile since you sent this patch. After some cleanups and with 
some common SQL functionality moved to a new file, 'pdb_sql.c',
your pgSQL backend is now available in CVS. The configure issue is now 
fixed as well.



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