Problem regarding failure of tdb_open???

Rajan Aggarwal rajan at
Thu Jan 1 11:50:45 GMT 2004

    While trying to delete more than one share in consecutive
attempts...the following message gets flashed on the screen:

"Failed to open connections database"
"Tree Disconnect failed"

Actually, i am invoking a call to send_message in order to send a
MSG_TDIS forceful tree disconnect. This has been done because, without
using this call the share just gets removed virtually from smb.conf but
any connected user can still browse through the share from Network
Neighbourhood and perform all tasks in it. Sending a tree disconnect
will make sure that no user is further allowed to browse through the

The above thing works absolutely fine while removing one share but any
attempt to remove 2 or more shares in succession flashes the above

I have been able to track down the problem and the code returns NULL
from the tdb/tdb.c file's tdb_open() function, when it checks for the
connection to be "already existing in the open list"(this is given as a
comment in the code)...

Can anybody help in this regard as to how to get rid of this problem.

Rajan Aggarwal.

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