winbind and no login

Anderson, Brandie brandie.anderson at
Thu Feb 26 16:58:25 GMT 2004

I have torn up my configuration and am using almost exactly the .conf
files posted by Alex de Vaal. WBinfo will return trusted domains, etc.
But I cannot login with my domain account since I turned off shadow
passwd under the authentication tab.

The only part I left out of the smb.conf file from Alex's was the 

Smb passwd file = /etc/samba/smbpasswd (remember I don't want any
passwords on this machine)

Passwd chat = "new... (don't allow password change from sources other
than approved web interface)

Passwd program = /usr/bin/passwd %u (same)

Unix password sync = yes (mine says = no)

Add user script...

Client use spnego = yes (mine says no - I am not using windows 2k3 yet.

Add machine script...


My nsswitch file does contain some other stuff at the bottom, I am not
sure should stay

Bootparams: nisplus [notfound=return] files

Ethers: files

Netmasks: files

Networks: files

Protocols: files

Rpc: files

Services: files

Netgroup: files

Publickey: nisplus

Automount: files

Aliases: files nisplus


I am not using nisplus so I will delete those references, but does
winbind need to be acknowledged anyhere else in nsswitch.


Thanks for all your help,


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