Name mapping (SID --> Name) problem with Samba-3.0.2

rberghmans at rberghmans at
Thu Feb 26 14:45:48 GMT 2004


I've a PDC NT4 (domain name : SECGEN) and a second (domain name BFAFAB).
There is trust relationship between them.

I've configured a Samba-3.0.2 as a file server (on the SECGEN domain) with
Winbind and ACL support. Everything seems to work perfectly. 
But when I check the security of a file or directory from Windows the user or
group SID (domain SECGEN) are not resolved. 
However the user or groupSID (domain BFAFAB) are resolved.

wbinfo and getent show me all users and groups of both domains.

Thank you for your help.Raphaël Berghmans

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