libsmbclient problem in NT4 domain environment

Derrell.Lipman at Derrell.Lipman at
Wed Feb 25 22:26:48 GMT 2004

1. I have discovered one major bug in libsmbclient (which I introduced in the
   new extended attribute code I submitted many months ago).  This bug causes
   connections to never be shut down if attributes are requested on a server
   which does not support them.  Also...

2. When smbc_opendir_ctx() is asked to enumerate the shares on a server, the
   server name is resolved looking for <server><1d> or <server><1b>.
   Thereafter, a name_status_find() call is made to obtain the name of the
   local/domain master browser for the server.  In the current implementation
   (3.0 tree), the first parameter to name_status_find() is "*".  This seems
   not to be responded to by the NT4 server which is the domain master
   browser.  I made the following change, but I'd like someone who understands
   the meaning of "*" better than I to look it over and ensure that it's
   correct.  Also, there are other places where "*" is used and I'm not sure
   if they need to be changed to something as well.  In those cases, there's
   no server name known yet.

The last change in the attached patch applies to issue #2.  The other changes
apply to the issue #1.  Does replacing "*" with the server name in this case
make sense?  It seems to solve the problem, but I don't know the
ideosyncrocies of "*"...



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