Japanese character support?

Shiro Yamada shiro at miraclelinux.com
Wed Feb 25 00:50:20 GMT 2004

Hello there,

We've done some verifications work in this field.

As far as we were concerned, there are few occasions Samba fails
to work under Japanese environment with `unix charset = UTF-8'.
They are:
- nmbd fails for some NetBIOS names due to buffer shortage
   after converting `dos charset' to `unix charset'
- Samba fails to resolve NetBIOS names as it is using locale
   dependent functions.
We have fixes for these bugs, and will probably be able to submit
them to bugzilla in the next few days or so.

There are few additional problems if you choose something other
than UTF-8 for `unix charset'. Some people might want to use
EUCJP-MS(a super-set of EUC-JP, which is the default locale for
most of Japanese Linux users) or CP932(you need to choose it for
VFS cap and hex modules support). We have submitted these issues
in bugzilla, so please refer to the bug reports under "extended
character support" category in bugzilla.samba.org for more

Also I have written a document named "Internationalisation Issues
in Samba" which you could find in the mail archives. (BTW, thanks
for those who responded to my previous post, I haven't had time
to update my document yet, but I really appreciate it.)

And one more thing. This is not dedicated to Japanese in particular,
but it might be worth considering to do the performace comparisons
between ascii vs. non-ascii characters and samba-2.2 vs. samba-3.0.
I guess not many people have clear idea of regression in Samba
performance regarding MB characters.

shiro at miraclelinux.com

Tom Dickson wrote:

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> I've read the little snipped in the SAMBA HOWTO about Japanese character
> support.
> Is there a more detailed explanation of the current progress in Samba?
> Preferably not in Japanese? We are interested in potentially helping to
> move forward in this area.
> Thank you!
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