call for best practices in the ad-world

Wolfgang Pichler wolfgang.pichler at
Mon Feb 23 16:04:53 GMT 2004

i use winbindd (lib_nss-stuff, pam-stuff) to give access to services 
(exim,ssh,etc.) running on local samba-box to users existing in w2k-ad 
on local domain.

if for any reason both dc's (one in linux vmware, one on grindy pIII :-) 
are not operating all those services are inaccessible, of course and 
esp. with mail this is a nuisance since i encounter permanent address 
errors ...

i am now considering/experimenting for some time

=> option 1 : try to substitute winbindd functionality if no dc's are 
reachable :

+ scenario 1a :
   - pam_smbpass's migrate option
   - tdbdump secrets/windbindd_idmap/etc.
   - convert & do magic -> /etc/shadow.smb
   - getent -s winbind {passwd|group} > /etc/{passwd|group}.smb
   - use a tweaked pam_unix to access those *.smb flat files
   - use a tweaked libnss_files_smb for non pam-aware
+ scenario 1b :
   - enhance winbindd to use some 'last-known-good' cache and/or
     use/construct those *.smb files
   - preferable enhance pam_winbind too and use internal *.tdb's
     so no other tweaking would be necessary

=> option 2 : set up ldap and try to convince a m$ dc to interoperate or 
at least dump the ad to the max and tweak the rest

   - use ldap for samba idmap and auth
   - engage pam_ldap for system services

=> option 3 set up a krb5 kdc an try to convince a m$ dc to interoperate 
or at least dump the ad to the max and tweak the rest

   - just solves single-sign-on if anything
   - potentially will introduce nis as additional user-database
   - engage pam_krb5 for system services

-- advantages/tradeoffs

- option 1a
   - quick but dirty and far from elegant
   - password migration tricky
   - snippets from pam/glibc needs to be recompiled to have
     tweaked modules which seems a bit tedious
- option 1b
   - wonder if never one thought about this possibility

- option 2
   - seems to be the "proposed" way (samba developers) ?
   - ldap requires considerable configuration effort
   - any possible or intended migration paths ad <-> linux
     (if ever intended or practicable from the samba side of world)
     is big-wizard-knowledge and/or undocumented

- option 3
   - samba people implement their own krb5 since they explicitly
     say (in 3.0 code), they do not trust libkrb - very strange ...
   - authentication only, what about other user-data - nis?,ldap?

-- so there remains a main problem :

i cannot see any nice and elegant solution or even a "PROPSED WAY" to 
administrate users in a mixed ad/samba-3.0 environment until now.

... and what experiences are there out used by you ?
... no best practices ? don't be kidding !


IM(V)HO && standard disclaimers apply ...

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