SAMBA PDC in a clustered Environment

Martin Ha martin.ha at
Fri Feb 20 11:42:14 GMT 2004

Hi All Samba Members!

I need your help!

I've tried to migrate SAMBA as PDC in our Microsoft Clustered Environment.
The version i used is 3.0.1 and 3.0.2.

The whole process with user migration and machine accounts I've done already
and all works fine.
Only one thing makes me ill - that only one node of the cluster could start
- not both; that means
if i turn off the one node i can start the second node without problems.
The cluster.log claims about not to get a binding to the other node... so
service is terminated unexpectedly.

Is that a main problem in SAMBA? Are there Installations that works in
Microsoft Clustered Environment?

THX for your comment and help!

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