Passowrd policy patch on Samba-3.0.2 for LDAP backend

Jim McDonough jmcd at
Fri Feb 20 03:22:54 GMT 2004

>I don't like the microsoft approach.  An attacker can create a *lot* of
>inter-site traffic that way.
>I like the idea that all our communication between DC's is via our
>shared backend, and I don't think this is the issue to force it.  I'm
>not worried that the PDC can be 'behind' on bad password attempts - I
>think that a per-DC counter is fine, with global lockout.
Ok, so how do you propose we handle password changes?  Do we tell a user to
change their password, but don't try to logon again until they think the
backend has replicated?  Or do we also now cache the password?

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