System overloaded due to a change in the smb.conf

Don McCall donmccall1 at
Wed Feb 18 21:18:49 GMT 2004

We had a case here where we got significant delays due to smb.conf being read/refreshed by a LOT of clients on HP-UX, but the smb.conf file in question was pretty huge.  How big (how many bytes) is your smb.conf file?  do you have includes in it, and how big are they?

David Collier-Brown <David.Collier-Brown at Sun.COM> wrote:
Yikes! Samba normally rereads the conf file if it
detects a change, but it shouldn't be that expensive
an operation...


Raphael Berghmans wrote:
> Hi,
> Conf:
> Samba-3.0.0 with 600 smbd procs.
> If we make a change in the smb.conf, the system is not available for
> several minutes (until 15 minutes). Each of 600 smbd process use all the
> CPU ressource during several seconds.
> What's happend exactly for each smbd process when a change is made in
> conf file ?
> Thank you,
> Raphaël

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