FW: Winbindd timeout on unreacheable domains

ww m-pubsyssamba pubsyssamba at bbc.co.uk
Wed Feb 18 10:37:58 GMT 2004

Hi All,

	would anyone like to acknoledge this as a problem or correct me if I'm mistaken, I didn't get a 
responce from the samba mailing list. Seems to me to be an issue with implementing Samba+winbindd in a 
distributed multi-domain windows environment,

	thanks Andy.

Hi All,

	I have a concern with the behaviour of winbindd on startup in a multi-domain environment, in my
case a 6 domain AD forest + trusts to 3 NT 4 domains. I've tested startup of winbindd in a 2 domain 
development environment and found if a trusted domain is not contactable it takes five minutes to 
timeout before winbindd becomes active (/tmp/.winbindd/pipe is created). 

  If I assume this will be the same behaviour for winbindd in our production environment then if our 
domain were isolated from the rest of the trusted domains then winbindd would take 45 minutes (9x 
5minutes) to become active if we needed to restart a server. Because our domain is on a physically 
different and separately managed network from the others it is more than possible this type of situation 
could occur. 45 minutes to startup is obviously unacceptable especially as I hope to deploy Samba 3.x on 
one of our clusters. And to put this in comparison with a pure windows solution we would have no such 
issues starting a DC or fileserver in a domain just because it couldn't see any or all trusted domains.

  If I am incorrect please can you put me right on this, if I am correct is it possible that winbindd 
can be modified to establish connection only with its local domain at startup and start serving data to 
Samba from cached data for other domains?

		thanks in advance, Andy Smith.

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