Profile problem with Samba 3.0.x

Erlend Aasland erlend-a at
Mon Feb 16 03:50:20 GMT 2004


Problem 1:
I'm trying to upgrade from 2.2.8a to 3.0.2a. Most things work ok
(browsing, accessing shares, authentication, ...) but when I log on
(from WinXP), I am told that Windows cannot find my roaming profile
("The filename, directory name or volume syntax is incorrect"). The log
on process continues, my logon scripts execute normally and all shares
are mapped correctly. Home and profiles are configured like this:
		comment         = Home Directories
		valid users     = %S
		browseable      = no
		writeable       = yes
		create mask     = 0664
		directory mask  = 0775

		csc policy      = disable
		path            = /home/profiles
		browseable      = no
		writeable       = yes
		create mask     = 0600
		directory mask  = 0700

Problem 2: If I do "net use h: /d" and "net use h: /home", Windows
tells me that "\\server\erlend-a" is not an UNC name, and thus the
command fails. However, the command "net use h: \\server\erlend-a" works

I've checked that problem 1 is not a permission problem, and I've tried
a lot of different values for "display/unix/dos charset" in smb.conf,
but nothing seems to help.

The server is configured as a PDC, and it is running on a system with
Linux 2.2 and Glibc 2.1. I've most Samba versions from 3.0.0 to
3.0.2a, but I get the same errors from all of them. By the way, 2.2.8a
works perfect.

Thanks in advance,
		Erlend Aasland

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