Samba PDC over subnets?

Chris Ross chris at
Sun Feb 15 06:22:32 GMT 2004

I have a problem and I¹m not sure if this is the right list or not, but I¹m
trying to find any information on how to resolve my problem. If this is not
the right list maybe someone can point me to a place that may be able to

I set up Samba in OSX (10.3) to be a PDC for my Windows boxes. No problems,
every works great, roaming profiles, login scripts and everything works. I
can join the domain just fine when I can browse (over WINS) for it. This is
on my local network, but when I'm on another subnet I can't attach to it. I
assume its because I can¹t browse to it so the domain is not seen on the
other subnet. I'm trying to figure out what I need to do.... I can ping it
both, DNS resolves fine, the domain is and the PDC
domains is TEST.

I see it one of three ways:

1. I some how need to hard map the PDC into my XP machines, which I don't
know if this is possible. I was thinking hosts file (but not sure if you can
put PDC info there, Or hard map Netbios.

2. Find a way to route WINS which I don't think is possible.

3. Find a way to get the XP machines to see the PDC via DNS. Now I looked
into this a little bit and noticed that AD servers have a service record in
DNS (SVR). If I'm not mistaken Bind will allow me to put one of these in my
DNS, but I'm not sure if this will fix it. Nor do I know what a service
record looks like. 

What do people do when the don't have windows servers and they want to route
or be able to browse over subnets? This is kind of a strange question but
its really been bothering me and was hoping some samba guru might be able to


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