ldap_add_result_entry() problem in ads_do_search_all()

Toomas Soome Toomas.Soome at mls.ee
Wed Feb 11 13:02:18 GMT 2004


I'm trying to compile samba against solaris 9 bundled libldap (netscape 
c-api) but I have bumped against paged search - or how paged search is 
currently handled.

the problem is that ldap_add_result_entry(), used in ads_do_search_all() 
is openldap specific and it's does not exist in ldap c-api AFAIK.

it's also impossible to port this call, since 
draft-ietf-ldapext-ldap-c-api-05.txt states clearly :

The LDAPMessage structure is an opaque data type that is used to return
entry, reference, result, and error information.  An LDAPMessage struc-
ture can represent the beginning of a list, or chain of messages that
consists of a series of entries, references, and result messages as
returned by LDAP operations such as search.  LDAP API functions such as
ldap_parse_result() that operate on message chains that can contain more
than one result message always operate on the first result message in
the chain.  See the "Obtaining Results and Peeking Inside LDAP Messages"
section of this document for more information.

So we can get data deom message, but there is no way to modify 
LDAPMessage in portable way....

so it seems the paged search should be implemented in different way, 
with callbacks or in parts....


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