winbindd panic daemon dies

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at
Mon Feb 9 21:36:21 GMT 2004

On Mon, 2004-02-09 at 23:10, Andrew Smith-MAGAZINES wrote:
> Hi Andrew,
> 	you are spot on, rpm didn't remove all the old binaries. 
> Ok think I have what you asked for now (at last!), please take a 
> look and let me know if you would like anything else from me,

That looks disgusting!  Thanks!

I *think* this might be an issue that jra fixed in 3.0.2 release, as jra
did some last-moment work on our character conversion code.

Well, I'm not convinced that it is actually 'fixed', but what we need to
figure out is what character set Microsoft stores their DNS in (as it is
certainly not our arbitrary 'unix' charset).

The primary valgrind error is in:

 Find the number of 'c' chars in a string

size_t count_chars(const char *s,char c)
	smb_ucs2_t *ptr;
	int count;
	push_ucs2(NULL, tmpbuf,s, sizeof(tmpbuf), STR_TERMINATE);

==16744== Conditional jump or move depends on uninitialised value(s)
==16744==    at 0x80CCE9A: count_chars (lib/util_str.c:561)
==16744==    by 0x81261C5: resolve_ads (libsmb/namequery.c:938)
==16744==    by 0x812678E: internal_resolve_name
==16744==    by 0x8127782: get_dc_list (libsmb/namequery.c:1404)
==16744==    by 0x8126F6B: get_sorted_dc_list (libsmb/namequery.c:1242)
==16744==    by 0x8182544: ads_find_dc (libads/ldap.c:149)
==16744==    by 0x8182763: ads_connect (libads/ldap.c:211)
==16744==    by 0x818F7E0: ads_dc_name (libsmb/namequery_dc.c:49)
==16744==    by 0x818FC20: get_dc_name (libsmb/namequery_dc.c:173)
==16744==    by 0x808980F: cm_open_connection
==16744==    by 0x808A67A: set_dc_type_and_flags
==16744==    by 0x8080242: add_trusted_domain
==16744==    by 0x808066D: add_trusted_domains
==16744==    by 0x80808E9: init_domain_list
==16744==    by 0x807AC4F: main (nsswitch/winbindd.c:938)

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