winbind mapping depuration

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Mon Feb 9 19:02:56 GMT 2004

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Nahuel Greco wrote:

| Is possible to create an script that (for users
| and groups):
It is possible but that is not the problem.  The algorithm for
allocating the next id uses a high water mark that is
monotonically increasing.

| And, on the other side: How Windows handle this situation?
| What happen when you remove an user on a Windows PDC if there
| are files on the workstations owned by that user or ACLs
| with references to him? How these references are removed
| from the Workstations? Is done automatically? How?

SIDs are never reused on Windows.  File ownership is really
irrelevant.   so while it is possible to exhaust the uid/gid
on space on a linux box with 32-bit ids, it is rarely done
using as single domain.  It is more possible using noe or
more trusted domains.

cheers, jerry
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