Sudden jump in cpu after a client change

David Collier-Brown David.Collier-Brown at Sun.COM
Mon Feb 9 16:40:07 GMT 2004

This may turn out to be a Samba-related problem...

On Thu, Jan 29, 2004 at 02:54:42PM -0500, David Collier-Brown wrote:
>   On a Samba 2.2 site, a colleague of mine observed a sudden
> jump in CPU usage after a change made to the clients.
>  "A tech modified the XP workstations to forcible reconnect any
> disconnected drive through a script that utilizes the WMI event.
> As of Tuesday we noticed a considerable jump in CPU utilization
> of our host."  When my colleague stops the smbd and the nmbd process
> the server returns to about 27% utilization.

>   Well, this turned out to be a client program which looped
> to check that drives were mapped on client machines, and
> checked every five seconds by reading the top-level directory
 > and remapping it if it was down.

	It turns out the machines are XP workstations, on
	which the drives are mapped at the DOS command prompt.
	The users use the dos interface for user applications.

	The samba server has
  		deadtime = 10
		keepalive = 600

	It looks like the inactive users are being disconnected	
	after 10 minutes inactivity, and then are unable to
	auto-reconnect. The symptom they see is the app
	complaining  "can't save your file".

	Has anyone seen this before on XP and/or using the
	"net" command to map the drives?

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