winbindd panic daemon dies

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Thu Feb 5 12:18:23 GMT 2004

Hi Andrew,

	I'm more than happy to help diagnose this bug, this issue prevents me from using AD integration and is very much in my interest to resolve.

  Ok I've installed 3.0.2rc2 with developer option and generated this out put from valgrind. If you need me to run valgrind or winbindd with any particular options let me know and I will provide the info,

	thanks Andy.

PS I have to password protect this zip file to get it through our e-mail filters, password is "winbind"

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On Thu, 2004-02-05 at 03:23, ww m-pubsyssamba wrote:
> Hi Samba developer people,
> 	I still have a problem were winbindd panics every time I run it.
>  I'd hoped this might get fixed as newer releases of Samba came out, 
> but I'm now running 3.0.2pre1 and still the same problem. I want to 
> deploy Samba on Solaris, but was unable to successfully get samba to 
> compile with dmalloc support, so I've had to install onto RedHat 8 
> and use valgrind instead. Please can someone take a look at this error, 
> let me know if any additional infromation is required,
> 	thanks in advance,  Andy Smith.

That looks *very* nasty.  Can you recompile the 3.0.2rc2 release with

That will enable debug, and test the latest code, and will enable us to
get exact line numbers.

Thankyou *very* much for persisting with this, I know this has been a
pain for you for too long.

Andrew Bartlett

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