IPC User Problem (was Situational Deadlock)

Esh, Andrew Andrew_Esh at adaptec.com
Wed Feb 4 18:37:51 GMT 2004

Attached is the latest fix for this. This change limits the desired behavior to the specific test that denies access to the IPC service. This patch may allow excessive access to IPC when certain force tags and "admin user" are in the global section. The code needs exposure to a larger number of configurations.

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Esh, Andrew wrote:
| This patch will break "admin user" for the IPC share, but not
| for any other shares. But isn't that OK? Is there anything the
| IPC does that requires the admin user to be set up?
| The other way to fix this is to test conn->ipc when the user
| is being validated in check_user_ok. Then the change becomes
| the following. This hasn't been tested at all.


Please send me a final version of the patch (diff -u) that
you are proposing as an attachment.


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cheers, jerry
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