executable footprint reduction

David Collier-Brown David.Collier-Brown at Sun.COM
Wed Feb 4 14:37:39 GMT 2004

Solaris uses the same options, and one can always use gcc as the linker
command so as to minimize variability.


Ken Cross wrote:
> First of all: no, no, no -- the LIBS line is only the tip of the iceberg.
> All the other changes you indicated are also necessary (except maybe the
> references to bin/libsmbclient.so).
> Secondly, the order is very important.  In fact, depending on the OS, it may
> be necessary to actually install libsmbclient before the others can be
> linked (this can be done with "make installclientlib").
> Thirdly, the -R and -L are examples of what I meant by being
> system-specific.  The -L is used for link-time libraries; the -R is used for
> run-time libraries (at least on NetBSD).
> Finally, all of this illustrates why it probably hasn't been done -- it's
> non-trivial to do in a system-independent manner.
> Having said all that, I still think it's worth it.  Apparently you do, too.
> :-)
> Ken
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> Ken> FWIW, I've been doing in for about a year, but linking to dynamic
> Ken> libraries is somewhat system-dependent (I'm on NetBSD).  For
> Ken> instance, I've added this at the top of Makefile.in:
> Ken>  LIBS=@LIBS@ -L bin -R $(DESTDIR)${prefix}/lib -lsmbclient
> OK, I went ahead and tried this.  I'm not sure what the -R is for... I
> replaced it with -L because that's what it looks like you are using it
> as...
> Things don't build in the right order with just this change, because
> the executable targets don't depend on building
> bin/libsmbclient.so... I'm not sure how you got around that, but what
> I did was make everything that uses $(LIBS) depend explicitly on
> bin/libsmbclient.so.  Then I had to replace the $(LIBS) on the
> libsmbclient.so target action to get rid of the recursive reference.
> Once all that was done and it all built, I compared sizes between the
> stock build, your build, and my build:
>   # wc -c */source/bin/smbclient
>   1193648 samba-3.0.0-stock-Makefile/source/bin/smbclient
>   1193624 samba-3.0.0-kencross-Makefile/source/bin/smbclient
>    199814 samba-3.0.0-dave-Makefile/source/bin/smbclient
> So it looks to me like your patch (or at least my mangling of your
> patch) is insufficient with gcc-3.3.1, glibc-2.3.2, and linux.
> If somebody knows a better way to patch the Makefile.in than the way I
> posted earlier, please let me know.
> Thanks,
> Dave

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