"dos filetimes" lacks on Posix ACL

buc buc at odusz.elektra.ru
Wed Feb 4 14:16:52 GMT 2004

   When "dos filetimes = Yes", a user can change file timestamp if 
he/she have write access.
But when Samba checks it, group/other bits are used only, and possible 
ACL are not checked.

   The corresponding fragment of a code -- smbd/dosmode.c:file_utime() 
-- looks like we can do access(2) call... (because of 
become_root()/unbecome_root() pair). Is it a right way? May be implement 
some SMB_VFS_ACCESS() method and use it here?..

  Also: may be use access() syscall some way for "hide unreadable"/"hide 
unwritable" (if we have the "true" real uid there, or can become them 

		Dmitry Butskoj <buc at odusz.elektra.ru>
		Red Hat Certified Engineer 809003662809495

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