IPC User Problem (was Situational Deadlock)

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Mon Feb 2 17:05:16 GMT 2004

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Esh, Andrew wrote:

| I have tested the code below (and in the included HEAD
| patch file) and it passes all my regression tests with
| "force group" set in the global area. The patch prevents
| "force user" and "force group" from having any effect on
| the IPC service.
| Without this fix, Windows NT can fail to obtain access to
| the IPC service on Samba 3.0 (release-3-0alpha20) and later
| when either "force" tag is in the global configuration section.
| This prevents user access to other shares due to the new
| code "force" tests added in smbd/uid.c:check_user_ok at
| version 1.94.

Does anyone object to this patch ?  It would seem to help
prevent an admin from getting into trouble that is hard to
diagnose on a mailing list.

Just trying to get some resolution here.

cheers, jerry
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