Samba performance increases with 2.6 Linux kernel

Kurt Pfeifle kpfeifle at
Sun Feb 1 03:13:19 GMT 2004

Here is some interesting 2.6 kernel benchmarking, which
also used Samba 3.0.1:


   The file-sharing test was designed to mimic a standard Samba server
   workload, and is based on Samba v3.0.1 with local authentication. The
   test harness utilized the smbtorture tools included in the Samba
   package and was run over Gigabit Ethernet. The tests were conducted
   with a simulation of 12 SMB clients communicating with a central
   server. The results of these tests are almost too good to believe.

   On the Xeon system, the v2.4 kernel pushed 38.85MBps on average, and
   the v2.6 kernel pushed 67.30MBps -- a 73 percent improvement. The
   Itanium tests show similar performance differences between the kernels,
   giving v2.6 a 52 percent gain, albeit with smaller overall figures.
   And on the Opteron system, which really showed its muscle in this
   test, the results were a respectable 49.37MBps on the v2.4 kernel and
   an impressive 72.92MBps under v2.6, an increase of roughly 48 percent.

   The performance gains seen in the Samba tests are likely related to
   the vastly improved scheduler and I/O subsystem in the v2.6 kernel.
   Disk I/O and network I/O form the core of this test, and the
   performance improvements in the v2.6 kernel are very visible here.


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