connecting to printer only as printeradmin

Franz Pförtsch franz.pfoertsch at
Mon Dec 6 15:25:56 GMT 2004

thanks a lot for help!

now my printers are working.

But in my opinion there is something wrong.
All new printers have the SECDESC key and I have to delete the key.

In "older" Samba 3.0 there wasn't this behaviour.


Rob Foehl wrote:

> On Fri, 3 Dec 2004, Franz [UTF-8] Pförtsch wrote:
>>> | When I select the securty tab I got the messsage
>>> |
>>> |   "Unable to show security information"   :-(((
>>> sounds like the security descriptor got corrupted.
>>> I think Guenther made a mod to tdbtool (?) for removing
>>> the SECDESC entry from ntprinters.tdb for such a case
>>> as this.
> Yup, it's happened here a few times.  I'd added some code to delete the
> SECDESC when deleting printers, and at the time Guenther suggested
> splitting that out to a commandline util separately.  I don't think he
> actually did it; it's still on my todo list, along with the rest of the
> printcap stuff.
>> How do I repair the ntprinters.tdb?
>> The samba/printserver is brand new nobody else have worked on it.
> tdbtool /path/to/ntprinters.tdb
> tdb> keys
> ...
> tdb> delete SECDESC/foo
> Clients should be able to connect after this.  Remember to reset any
> non-default ACLs on the share.
> -Rob

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