machine trust account password changes

Richard Sharpe rsharpe at
Sun Aug 29 23:37:43 GMT 2004

>   So now I can show that nltest changes are successful with 3.0.4 and fail
>   with the Mac's 3.0.2 Samba.  Did a regular 3.0.2 on, say Linux, also have
>   problems with changing machine trust passwords after the MS RPC fix that
>   broke changing user password?
>   Do you think that it's reasonable to believe that if Apple went to 3.0.4
>   that the machine trust account changes would start working?

Hmmm, I assume this is talking about WinXP clients joined to a Samba
3.0.2-based domain controller.

Would similar problems exist with a Samba-3.0.2-based member server joined
to a WinXP PDC? Can WinXP even be used as a PDC?

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