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imraan imraan at kitkat.co.za
Sat Aug 28 10:44:18 GMT 2004

Dear Sir/Madam

I am running Suse enterprise v9.0 with default smb packages & would like to confirm if socket options as follows would work:smb.3.0.4SUSE


& further keepalive = 60 in global options

As I understand the keepalive funtion it is to check wheter a workstation is still actively conntected to the server & if not it should kill trhe connection in the specified time. This does not seem to work for me, is it a Suse problem or what? I have 100 workstations connected to the box and the entire day i have absolutely no problems, it is just at shutdown time that my network locks up, this is proberbly due to the I.D.10.T problem where people shutdown incorrectly, so I need SO_KEEPALIVE TO work for me.
Is there a work around for this problem.

Thanking you Sincerely
Imraan Cassim
Kitkat Cash & Carry 
South Africa, Pretoria

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