Planning to do a quick 3.0.7 release next week

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at
Fri Aug 27 19:29:32 GMT 2004

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Toomas Soome wrote:

| kerberos keytab updates -- samba stores host entries
| with short  hostname, but all kerb docs I have read
| require FQDN, also other  services fail to support kerberos
| without correct host entry in keytab:(

I'll check on this one, but I'm less concerned about
new functionality not quite working as I am with regressions
at this point.

| second issue or perhaps misconfiguration... I have local
| user and users  in ADS, local user does have the same username
| in ADS as well. nsswitch  order is files winbind for passwd. now
| I can authenticate with my local  user id and password but
| I can't access the home for local user since  samba will
| try to access this dir with winbind mapped uid....

try either setting 'winbind trusted domains only = yes' or
not setting a uid/gid range at all.

Thanks for the info.

cheers, jerry
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