[linux-cifs-client] Re: Some linux-cifs-client ideas

David Collier-Brown davec-b at rogers.com
Mon Aug 23 23:47:35 GMT 2004

Steven French wrote:
>  > I use smbfs, and find the virtual /smb
>  > directory very useful and, more importantly,
>  > easy to explain to others.
> What virtual /smb directory is that? I have not seen this in the smbfs 
> source code?  Is it another Linux dummy filesystem shipped by some distros?

	Sorry, that was a typo: I actually use Tridge's smbsh.

> cifs already has nosuid & noexec (which are optional when root mounts, 
> but always set by the cifs mount helper  when mount.cifs is run by a 
> non-root user).  Noatime is an interesting idea - I will have to trace 
> it and see if it has much of an effect in my case. 

	It, or dfratime (defer access time update) are both
	good optimizations on very busy filesystems. The former
	is easy, the latter elegant (;-))

> Need help understanding what bg does.   
	bg and intr are usefully for slow and/or unreliable servers,
	especially when mounting at boot time.  Remount is really
	only useful when changing from ro to rw, and if you're weird,
	vice versa (;-))  I once used -o remount,ro to forcibly
	quiesce a *$%$%^!! broken app so I could back up a stable
	snapshot of its files.

Also on remount - what I am I
> not doing that I should be doing 

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