the samba4 build system

tridge at tridge at
Mon Aug 23 19:45:22 GMT 2004


 > Do you really think it's easier to find something like this with
 > the samba3

In this particular instance I think it was easier with Samba3, but for
other things I have found the new Samba4 separation of build logic
much easier to work with than Samba3 (I mean the separate build file
per subsystem).

 > add --enable-debug and you'll get a config.smb_build.dump file in source/
 > (maybe we can tripper debug=yes also by --enable-developer in future)

ok, I'll try that

 > Also the planed next step for the build system will have seperate
 > _CFLAGS var for the different external libs and not one big CFLAGS
 > var.

yes, I wondered if it was some subsystem that was overriding
CFLAGS. The subsystem I suspect is the libregistry stuff, but I have
not actually tracked it down yet.

We will need to watch out affects on PCH for separate CFLAGS. Unless
the CFLAGS are identical for every C file, the pre-compiled header
won't be used. That would be a big loss for me :)

Cheers, Tridge

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