NBT size problem

Peter Waechtler peter at helios.de
Mon Aug 23 13:35:11 GMT 2004

Am Montag, 23. August 2004 13:55 schrieb Maarten van der Heijden:
> I'm working on a simple CIFS/SMB client program which has to store data
> on a NAS running with Samba 3.0.0 beta3, but I have a problem with it.
> Unfortunately my knowledge with the SMB/CIFS protocol is limited. The
> problem I encountered was when I wanted to send a SMB packet that was
> larger than 255 bytes. Specifically when the NETBIOS session header was
> larger than 0x0000FE as seen in ethereal. The problem is that my TCP
> session is closed on the server side when I want to send a larger packet
> (anything larger than 255 bytes); the server sends a FIN request to the
> client (me).
> This I find strange because my program does not have problems when I
> want to send large packets to a random win 2000 system. I know samba
> isn't an operating system, but still I find it strange. The problem also
> doesn't occur when I just want to copy a file using the drag and drop
> method from my PC to the NAS; the NAS doesn't have problem dealing with
> larger packets.

I don't think that you have a problem with NBT. Look at frames 11-14:
the reply of FindFirst does not fit in a single packet and multiple NBT
packets are sent.

On the write the NAS box answers with: sorry, the disk is full (frame 18).
The NAS box seams to immediatly close the connection on the
second WriteAndX (probably the process on the NAS crashed and the 
TCPIP stack closed the connection - notice the small delay).

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