"net setlocalsid" dosen`t work!

yiyueli yiyueli at neuro.ma.uni-heidelberg.de
Mon Aug 23 07:56:45 GMT 2004

Hallo, everybody!
I want to update our samba3.0 PDC to a new system. I make first a test 
system with same domain name and same netbios name for the PDC. I copy 
all the  samba files smb.conf, passwd, shadow, group, smbpasswd and 
users home directories, profiles to new system. I get domain SID with 
"net rpc getsid" from old system and set this SID with command "net 
setlocalsid <old domain SID>" to new system.
I fired up my new system in the test network, but the windows PCs could 
login to this PDC after I make the PC`s accounts initialization. It is 
terrible to rejoin so many PCs to domain.
I have done the same thing before half year with samba2.23. I have 
MACHINE.SID copied from old system to new one, that is all. The windows 
PC have not find anything that I migrated the system to a new server. 
This time with samba3.0 I got unluky. I think that something is wrong. 
Can you tell me how can I do?
Thanks for every tips!

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