Build_farm suggestion and patch to reduce log output

Stefan (metze) Metzmacher metze at
Mon Aug 23 07:55:30 GMT 2004

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Vance Lankhaar schrieb:

| On Sat, 2004-08-21 at 14:27, Paul Green wrote:
|>Vance Lankhaar wrote:
|>>I think that it would indeed be very nice to have the
|>>log.smbd output next to the stdout, but I really don't think
|>>I have time to do the work necessary to make it happen.
|>>School starts soon and therefore so does homework... That
|>>being said, naturally, I welcome patches :)
|>I hear you.  I'll poke around sometime and see what I can do.
|>>(also, it should be fairly easy to add a link between the
|>>stdout and the log.smbd sections. If you're interested in
|>>doing that, let me know... I have a few ideas.)
|>That would be acceptable -- I'm listening!
| Okay, here's my thinking... in there's a pretty_print_log
| method that is essentially two regular expressions, one that calls
| make_test_html and one that calls make_action_html.
| Currently, build_test.fns generates exactly the same "markings" for
| log.smbd output and stdout. As such, the regex for make_test_html
| catches them both. If we were to change the markings for one of them, we
| could then have a separate functions: make_test_log_html and
| make_test_stdout_html or something like that.
| All we would have to do to "co-ordinate" the two would be to save a copy
| of the current $id before running the make_test_stdout_html and reset it
| afterwards, such that the two "sections" start at the same id. Of
| course, we'd have to make sure where was no id collision between the
| sections (easily done by using stdout-$id and logsmbd-$id anywhere we
| used the id within make_test_{stdout,log}_html.
| Metze: this is where you're expertise comes in: there's one thing that
| I'd love to have figured out. The main reason I wanted to move the farm
| to subversion was that it has revision numbers. Is there a way I can
| determine which revision of the build_farm was used to run the build?
| I took a quick look at the way it's done in the main samba tree, and it
| seems to rely on the fact that svn / svk is installed on the build host,
| which I don't think we can assume for the farm. (though, oddly, it seems
| that EVERY host has it, since they all report a version number for
| samba4 tree).
it's is done in the ./
so this is done on in the unpacked area, so none of the build hosts need svn.

| If nothing else, I guess I could add something to the cron job that
| updates the build_farm script which adds a VERSION file, but I'm hoping
| that you can tell me a cleaner, nicer way to go about it?

I think the cron job which runs svn up in ~/build/master should create this VERSION file

| Cheers, Vance
| PS: now that I've thought about it, adding a link between the sections
| should be DEAD easy... I'll even try to think about doing that tomorrow.

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