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Mon Aug 23 07:01:50 GMT 2004

On Mon, 2004-08-23 at 16:15, Stefan (metze) Metzmacher wrote:
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> tridge at schrieb:
> | Metze,
> |
> | I hit a problem today where the build system was producing a Makefile
> | that used -O2, even though I specified --enable-developer. So far I
> | have spent about an hour trying to find where the -O2 is coming from,
> | but have failed.
> |
> | I think this indicates that the build system might be getting too
> | complex.
> Do you really think it's easier to find something like this with the samba3

Actually, I think it is.

In Samba3, we had one file we knew to grep though, and it was produced
by the relatively simple application of substitution on 

I think that it is better to put the entire configure system on a diet
(so many of the tests are unused, as I think jelmer proved at one
point), and put it back in one spot.  

There are many good aspects of the new build system, but spreading the
configure tests to the four winds is not one of them, unfortunately :-(

My feeling is that the build system is one module, and given it's
complexity, it should be in one place.

Andrew Bartlett
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