Build_farm suggestion and patch to reduce log output

Paul Green Paul_Green at
Sat Aug 21 18:27:01 GMT 2004

Vance Lankhaar [mailto:vance at] wrote:
> On Mon, 2004-08-16 at 16:52, Paul Green wrote:
> > I'd like to suggest that the smbd log file, which is presently 
> > appended to the regular log file at line 267 of build_test.fns, 
> > instead be renamed and rsync'd separately back to the main 
> > web site.  
> > I think this would make it a lot easier to open up a couple 
> > of windows 
> > and have one of them show the client side of a failed test, and the 
> > other show the server side of a failed test.  Right now, if 
> > either a 
> > lot of tests fail, or if a particular test is verbose, it can be a 
> > royal pain to search the log file.
> First, I'm a little hesitant to have a separate log file for 
> each test, The main reason is that I *think* it would require 
> quite a large number of changes to web/ in order to 
> handle the log files. (though, if we were to make those 
> changes, it would make sense to do the same with the stdout 
> from the tests too, so that we could pair the stdout and 
> log.smbd together easier)

I agree that it makes sense to look at the general problem.

> As for easier to open separate windows for client/server, I'm 
> afraid I don't see how that'd be much easier. Right now, you 
> can do that fairly easily (at least, the way I see it ;)). In 
> the first window, find the stdout stuff, and in the second 
> window, find the log.smbd stuff. 

Yes, this is true.  It is a lot easier when you don't have 4 million
lines of output to deal with...

> (remember, you can "close" the tests you're not interested in 
> by clicking on the name of it.)

This was a really cool addition. Thanks!

> I think that it would indeed be very nice to have the 
> log.smbd output next to the stdout, but I really don't think 
> I have time to do the work necessary to make it happen. 
> School starts soon and therefore so does homework... That 
> being said, naturally, I welcome patches :)

I hear you.  I'll poke around sometime and see what I can do.

> (also, it should be fairly easy to add a link between the 
> stdout and the log.smbd sections. If you're interested in 
> doing that, let me know... I have a few ideas.)

That would be acceptable -- I'm listening!


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