KIP, Powerprint Request software -samba

Mark Nehemiah mnehemiah at
Thu Aug 19 16:13:14 GMT 2004

Thanks for everything to all.

James, thanks for the patch, and help.  Working great, solves the
Powerprint issues!

Jeremy, thanks for the patience of putting up with me :-), and just
everything you do for Samba.  I know I'm not the best at debugging, but I
try not to bother you and everyone at samba-technical  unless I really
believe their is an issue, and you have  always helped!!  thanks again.  I
don't think I can thank you enough.

Martin, thanks for the great debugging on this, and your interest.  I
really appreciate it, you narrowed my problems down rather quickly.

A big thanks to samba-technical for being there, and letting anyone post. 
I know that's not always fun.


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