Windows 2003 Active Directory Compatibility issue in libads/sasl.c

peter_yen at peter_yen at
Wed Aug 18 22:13:43 GMT 2004

Hi All,

I am new to the samba-technical list. I am currently adopting the way Samba does for mutual authentication using Kerberos to MS Active Directory 2003.
Basically, I am using this "static ADS_STATUS  ads_sasl_gssapi_bind (ADS_STRUCT *ads) " in my LDAP client implemented by Netscape Directory SDK.
However, the code works fine with Windows 2000 but fails on 2003. By running the code, I could sucessfully get the TGT and session ticket from
Windows Active Directory KDC with the right enctype. I verified both tickets by checking client's local credential cache using "klist". After tracing down the code,
the code fails on line 000374 ( with an error saying "invalid credential". I have tried serveral ways to
work it out but got no luck. I am at the end of the rope. Is there a known issue for compatibility with Windows 2003 and Samba, or am I missing something here?
Any help and insighs are highly apprecited. Many thanks in advance. 

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