Build_farm suggestion and patch to reduce log output

Paul Green Paul_Green at
Mon Aug 16 20:52:47 GMT 2004

I'd like to suggest that the smbd log file, which is presently appended
to the regular log file at line 267 of build_test.fns, instead be
renamed and rsync'd separately back to the main web site.  I think this
would make it a lot easier to open up a couple of windows and have one
of them show the client side of a failed test, and the other show the
server side of a failed test.  Right now, if either a lot of tests fail,
or if a particular test is verbose, it can be a royal pain to search the
log file.

In particular, I have discovered that when the "DIR1" test fails, it
generates about 4M lines of output at level 10.  I made a small patch to
source/lib/util.c (in the is_in_path function) that *greatly* reduces
this figure.  See below.  Does anyone besides me think this is an
acceptable reduction in the trace output?  If so, I'll apply it.

diff -urpN old/samba_3_0/source/lib/util.c
--- old/samba_3_0/source/lib/util.c     Fri Aug 13 12:31:23 2004
+++ new/samba_3_0/source/lib/util.c     Fri Aug 13 12:33:53 2004
@@ -1495,13 +1495,12 @@ BOOL is_in_path(const char *name, name_c
     pstring last_component;
     char *p;

-    DEBUG(8, ("is_in_path: %s\n", name));
     /* if we have no list it's obviously not in the path */
     if((namelist == NULL ) || ((namelist != NULL) && (namelist[0].name
== NULL))) {
-         DEBUG(8,("is_in_path: no name list.\n"));
          return False;
+    DEBUG(8, ("is_in_path: %s\n", name));

     /* Get the last component of the unix name. */
     p = strrchr_m(name, '/');


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