Close samba-cvs mailing list?

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at
Sat Aug 14 02:28:28 GMT 2004

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Andrew Bartlett wrote:

| What I'm trying to understand is why - we discussed
| this morning about how people find it hard to follow
| that any Samba development occurs, and given the now
| reduced volume on samba-cvs, why shouldn't it be on the
| main list?

ppl interested in samba devel >= ppl who want to read commit msgs

people find it hard to follow development because we
often times we maintain the overall strategy in our heads
or discuss it only on the irc channel.  Reverse engineering
designs from code commits take more time than most people
would give.  It does provide good code review though.

| If people can't/wont describe their development in great
| detail on samba-technical@ before they commit, why not at
| least describe it there after it?
| My hope is that this would make the list more
| relevant, particularly given recent complaints to
| that effect.

While I agree that we should be better about taking
the time to describe designs and such things, funneling
commit messages to samba-technical is trying to come up
with an easy solution (and one that I do not think will
be effective).  Sorry, while I applaud your intentions, i'd
have to vote no on this as well.

cheers, jerry
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