KIP, Powerprint Request software -samba

Mark Nehemiah mnehemiah at
Thu Aug 12 00:13:19 GMT 2004

On Wed, August 11, 2004 5:57 pm, Jeremy Allison said:

> I probably won't have time this week (cifs conference).
> Others network performance problems are always
> hard to debug from a distance. It doesn't look like a
> particular Samba issue.
> Jeremy

Wow, ::severely embarrassed look:: I'm ashamed to say, I forgot it(cifs
conference) was going on.  Hopefully in a positive direction for Samba. 
Thanks for your time,  go have a beer for me.   I do need to see if I can
do something about this sometime, so I'll work on it and see if I can
figure it out.  If I see anything or have some questions, I may post a
link of some packet info to the list and see if anyone can help.  I
wouldn't be surprised if it is the Vendors software being stupid.


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