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mnehemiah at mnehemiah at
Wed Aug 11 21:22:06 GMT 2004

>    Rats!  I was hoping to find some way to keep powerprint
> from opening all the files the the &#$!!! directory.
>    Ok, completely different approach:
>    If the file are named by a program, for example
> j.d.smith_28jan1993_1.dat, the directory could be
> broken up into a tree,such asmanageable
>   smith/jan1993/j.d.smith_28jan1993_1.dat
> and the number of files per directory be kept low
> that way. The latter is how large-scale image
> archiving worked at  Siemens.
>    However, this assumes there is a small working
> set of files which are likely to be printed at
> any given date, and that they should be grouped
> together. If hat's not true, all the user gets
> is the problem of constantly changing directories (;-))

Hi David,

all the filenames are similar to the names below.
12700.TLC       13702sht2.TLC      16591.TLC             18160red.TLC   
19687.TLC 12701.TLC       13703.TLC             16592.TLC            
18161S.TLC       19688.TLC   12702OBS.TLC       13704REVA.TLC

They used to keep them all in one directory.   About a year ago I got them
to divide them up into 10 directories, Print-1 Print-2 etc corresponding
to the first digit of the filename.  they cursed me for making them do
that, but I thought we had manageble directory sizes that way :)  oh well.
 so I thought.
These are all (in-production) prints that are constantly used.  I don't
think I'll be able to split them up anymore.  The print #'s correspond to
part #'s .  Once prints are completely obsolete they are removed, but this
is rare.  we have customers order parts for 50yr old or older machines,
and we ship them fitted replacement parts immediately.  This triggers an
internal order to generate more spare   parts if necessary.  the internal
order gets the print (OK'd by eng.) and it goes out to the shop floor.


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