Universal group patch. Was it working earlier?

Ram rpanguluri at juniper.net
Tue Aug 3 11:46:30 GMT 2004

There is a patch support added for universal groups earlier and its no 
longer available but wbinfo is using the NET_USER_INFO3 as in this patch 
in the current 3.0.0 code. Here is the link explaining the patch added 
for universal groups:

In 3.0.0 wbinfo is not reporting universal groups. The NET_USER_INFO3 
structure is not having the universal groups info in the num_groups2 
when i tested. I tested with win2k3 and samba3.0.0.

Was it working earlier in any specific windows platform?

Are there any plans to support it in the next upcoming releases? Are 
there any other patches available?

Thanks for your help.

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