Hotfix 828741 - Problems (Resolved)

David Collier-Brown David.Collier-Brown at Sun.COM
Fri Apr 30 13:06:14 GMT 2004

  I've seen this, and the bug report says:

Public Summary:
Microsoft Windows 2000 (tm) with service pack 4 introduces
new restrictions on remote procedure call (RPC) data formats.
(See MS Knowledge Base article Q316406 for details.)

Solaris PC NetLink (tm) accommodates the new RPC restrictions
after installation of patch 113531-07.

The MS article says:
The problem occurs on a Windows 2000-based client that is attempting to 
communicate with a server platform that uses a different byte ordering. 
SUN and Hewlett-Packard use big-endian, DEC (like Windows) uses 

  If I remember rightly, the DCE RPC that MS uses normally
calls htonl() or the equivalent for all the data items which
aren't necessarily in network byte order. The endian-ness is
probably an oops in the RPC setup.

   I 'dkeep an eye onsunsolve,
and grabs the -07 when it's available (for PCNL).


ajb at wrote:
> Guys
>    Sun have now supplied me with a T patch T113531-07_apr27 which fixes the prob
> lem for PC Netlink 2.0. I do notice a similar thread on samba-techincal referenc
> ing password changing problems though.
> Thanks
> Andrew

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