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Andrew Bartlett abartlet at samba.org
Wed Apr 28 22:41:31 GMT 2004

On Thu, 2004-04-29 at 03:16, Richard Sharpe wrote:
> Hi,
> In looking at some smborture DENY1 problems, I noticed that we seem to be 
> returning the wrong value if the client opens a file without asking for 
> WRITE access, and then try to write the file.
> In reply_write_and_X we use the CHECK_WRITE macro, which translates into:
> #define CHECK_WRITE(fsp) if (!(fsp)->can_write) \
>                                 return(ERROR_DOS(ERRDOS,ERRbadaccess))
> This eventually calls dos_to_ntstatus, which uses this entry:
>         {ERRDOS,        ERRbadaccess,   NT_STATUS_INVALID_LOCK_SEQUENCE},
> and we see NT_STATUS_INVALID_LOCK_SEQUENCE on the wire, however, Win2K 
> returns NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED (which seems vastly more reasonable).
> The question, of course, is, are there circumstances when ERRbadaccess 
> should map to NT_STATUS_INVALID_LOCK_SEQUENCE, or is the code just wrong 
> at the moment?

Well, there are two issues here:  

The first is that our mapping from DOS -> NTSTATUS error codes is not
the best (the only mapping that we know is accurate is the NTSTATUS ->
DOS mapping, because it was extracted over-the-wire from a windows

The second issue is that we should have NTSTATUS error returns in the
code, and translate to DOS only if the client is dos-only.

When forcing DOS error codes, what does win2k reply with?  If it is
DOS,ERRnoaccess then things are fine, otherwise we need to use
ERROR_BOTH() and figure out why that case is weird...

Andrew Bartlett

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