new databasedeltas types

rrenard rrenard at
Wed Apr 28 10:06:27 GMT 2004

hi list,

here are some new delta types:

delta 10 wich is DeleteAlias
delta 15 wich is DeleteLsaTDomain
delta 17 wich is DeleteLsaAccount
delta 19 wich is DeleteLsaSecret

I haven't been able to patch netlogon.idl to make ndrdump regognize 
deltas in a correct way.
It seems that the format for those deltas is a bit different.

Atteched is a dump of the Netlogon part of the DatabaseDelta reply, it 
is meant to be used with ndrdump in order to get a correct netlogon.idl 
(contains 15, 17,19).


Richard Renard
rrenard at

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