deleteprinterdriverex does not delete files

Martin Zielinski mz at
Mon Apr 26 13:02:28 GMT 2004

Hello list,
since upgrading from 3.0.2a to 3.0.3rc1 the deleteprinterdriverex call
does no longer delete the driver files on my system.

It seems to me, that the unix_convert() function in filename.c is responsible 
for it.
I'm not aware of the changes from  Alexander Bokovoy, but after re-adding the 
unix_format(name)-  unix_clean_name(name)- and trim_char(name,'/','/')- calls 
into the unix_convert - function, it's working again.

I added this debug output to smbd/reply.c can_delete() just before
	if (SMB_VFS_LSTAT(conn,fname,&sbuf) != 0) { :

	DEBUG(0,("LSTAT: \"%s\"\n", fname));

BTW, what do you think about adding the deleteprinterdriverex call to 
rpcclient? There is currently some functionality to add driver files 
(cupsaddsmb) but no to delete them.


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