Changing-Password problem after MS patch KB828741

George Liu George.Liu at
Thu Apr 22 18:59:55 GMT 2004

After applying Windows patch KB828741 on XP box,  Windows Domain user 
got the following message when attempting to change its password:

"The system cannot change your password because the domain awc is not 

On samba server, log showed

[2004/04/22 17:51:17, 0] passdb/pdb_ldap.c:ldap_connect_system(315)
  ldap_connect_system: Binding to ldap server as "cn=Manager,dc=awids"
[2004/04/22 17:51:17, 0] smbd/chgpasswd.c:check_oem_password(832)
  check_oem_password: incorrect password length (1585749765).
[2004/04/22 17:51:17, 0] passdb/passdb.c:pdb_free_sam(210)
  pdb_free_sam: SAM_ACCOUNT was NULL

Our samba version is samba-2.2.8a-2.10

After I removed patch KB828741,  problem was gone.

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