Samba 2.2.x: libsmb/smbdes.c ?

Tobbe tnt at
Mon Apr 19 22:02:23 GMT 2004


I've been reading the CIFS Technical Reference about how
the encryption of the passwords are done.

In chapter "LM Session Key" it says:

S16X = Ex(swab(P14), N8)

Ex(K,D) = the (extended) DES function
P14 = the password
swab(S) = denote the byte string obtained by reversing the order of
the bits in each byte of S, i.e if S is a byte string of length one,
with the value 0x37 then swab(S) is 0xEC

It is the swab function definition above that I'm interested in.
By looking into the Samba code (2.2.X: source/libsmb/smbdes.c) I
can't find the corresponding function. What I do find (I think),
is the function:

static void str_to_key(const unsigned char *str,unsigned char *key)
         int i;

         key[0] = str[0]>>1;
         key[1] = ((str[0]&0x01)<<6) | (str[1]>>2);
         key[2] = ((str[1]&0x03)<<5) | (str[2]>>3);
         key[3] = ((str[2]&0x07)<<4) | (str[3]>>4);
         key[4] = ((str[3]&0x0F)<<3) | (str[4]>>5);
         key[5] = ((str[4]&0x1F)<<2) | (str[5]>>6);
         key[6] = ((str[5]&0x3F)<<1) | (str[6]>>7);
         key[7] = str[6]&0x7F;
         for (i=0;i<8;i++) {
                 key[i] = (key[i]<<1);

which I belive does what the swab function should do (according
to the CIFS definition).

I may be mistaken (I'm not strong in reading C code), but am
I right in that str_to_key/2 corresponds to the swab function ?

If so, what is it that str_to_key/2 does ?
(surely it is not doing a bit reverse of each byte, or...)

Any comments would be appreciated!

Cheers, Tobbe

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