Sid-mapping Problem with Cgwin

Torsten tkali at
Mon Apr 19 14:45:11 GMT 2004

Hello list!

I have got a problem with Cygwin / Samba 3.0.3pre1. Using the following 

Windows 2000, SP4 (or Windows 2003 Server)
Cygwin1.dll 1005.9.0.0 (should be pretty new)

I tried to sync the passwd with the Samba-Server unsing the command 
"mkpasswd -l -d". I expected to see all Windows-users, but instead just 
get an error-message:

"mkpasswd: [1332] No mapping between account names and security IDs was 

It worked some time ago with an older Samba-3 release, but I have 
forgotten which release I have used.

It does not really disturb me right now... If anyone is interested I 
have also got a level-10 debug log. (Which I could not send to the list 
because it is too big).

-- Torsten.

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