NTLMv2 on Samba-3.0.3pre2

Jianliang Lu j.lu at tiesse.com
Mon Apr 19 13:04:36 GMT 2004

The patches for NTLMv2 on cvs for 3.0.2a were ok, but now on 3.0.3pre2 we 
have the contradiction: while the "ntlm_password_check" checked the NTLMv2 
password without/with domain "uppercased" using "smb_pwd_check_ntlmv2", 
the "ntlmssp_set_domain" passed the domain always in uppercase! This will 
cause the logon failure ("WRONG PASSWORD") from XP when you type the domain 
name not in uppercase (join domain, net use ...).

--- samba-3.0.3pre2/source/libsmb/ntlmssp.c.orig    Thu Apr 15 15:25:26 2004
+++ samba-3.0.3pre2/source/libsmb/ntlmssp.c Mon Apr 19 14:35:21 2004
@@ -170,7 +170,7 @@
    /* Possibly make our NTLMv2 client more robust by always having
       an uppercase domain */
-   ntlmssp_state->domain = talloc_strdup_upper(ntlmssp_state->mem_ctx, 
+   ntlmssp_state->domain = talloc_strdup(ntlmssp_state->mem_ctx, domain);
    if (!ntlmssp_state->domain) {
        return NT_STATUS_NO_MEMORY;

Jianliang Lu
TieSse s.p.a.     Ivrea (To) - Italy
j.lu at tiesse.com   luj at libero.it

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